Making a Zero Risk Offer
Just fill in the boxes where they apply and press submit.

Your details will then form a draft agreement which will be sent to you by email.


You agree to the availability date. The date which you will take occupation of the property and when your occupation starts.
The Monthly Rent – The property details will suggest a monthly rental
payment for the property, please choose the rent you are willing to pay per month.
Turnover Rent – Please tick this box if you would potentially agree to a turnover rent.
The Length of Term - How long do you want to occupy the property.
The property details will suggest a length of term.
Choose from either 1, 3, 6 or 6+ months.
1 month 3 month 6 month 6+ month
The Deposit – The property details will suggest a deposit amount.
Agree to suggested deposit
Type of Business – Please enter a short description of the type of
business that will operate from the premises.
Company Name and Number – If you already have a registered company please enter the details here.
Repairs – You agree to return the property at the end of the agreement in the same or an improved condition.
Insurance – You agree to reimburse the owner in respect of insuring the property. There will be a guide to this cost on the property listings page.
Schedule of condition – You have seen the photographic schedule of condition and agrees with the content.
You agree to pay all the relevant service bills relating to the unit whilst you are in occupation eg water, gas , electricity.
Further Information


Please remember if you agree to the suggested deposit, rent and term the better your chance is of securing the property. Plus don’t forget to add any further information – perhaps you have some previous retail or work experience or referee details which might help support your offer.

We have tried to make this form straight forward and clear, however if you need help please take a look at the Make an Offer – Some Terms Explained section or the FAQ’s. If they don’t help please get in touch with us directly.

This is a Zero Risk Offer

The completed form and the contract which will be sent to you will not be binding until you sign for the keys on the Key Hand Over, making this a Zero Risk Offer.