1. From Zero Rent, Zero Rates, Zero Risk – What does this mean?

    It really means what is says. In many cases landlords are willing to let their properties at zero or reduced rents and until the 5th April 2021 there will be zero business rates on all retail properties. As for zero risk, in reality this is probably something we can’t guarantee, but our Same Day Key Return Guarantee helps and what we can promise are fair, open and honest letting agreements that will reduce your property risk and give you the best chance of success.

  2. Why are some landlords offering their properties from zero rents? It sounds too good to be true.

    In the current climate landlords are under increasing economic pressures and many will be assessing the long term viability of the property. During this time they will save some money by letting the property to short term tenants. For example they won’t then have to pay business rates or the utility bills for the property. These are real savings for the landlord and these short terms lettings give them some Breathing Space to work out the longer term strategy.

  3. Are there any hidden fees or costs?

    No. All you will have to do is pay for what you agree to which includes any rent, the bills and insurance and if you return the property in the same or improved condition you will get all your deposit back.

  4. What are the risks?

    There are always risks to starting or running your own business, but at Breathing Spaces we believe we have reduced as much property risk as possible. Your rent will be set at an agreed level and business rates will also be zero. You will have to pay the insurance and utility costs but otherwise you will be in a High Street position for next to nothing. Our standard agreement has also been drawn up to be fair to both parties, no jargon or hidden catches – in terms of the property it really is as risk free as it could be.

  5. What are the tenants repairing liabilities?

    There are no hidden costs in the agreement – the tenant will only pay what any other tenant would pay such as – utility bills (the electricity, gas and water readings will be taken the day you take the property from), building insurance, a deposit and in some cases an agreed rent

  6. What will happen to Business rates after 5th April 2021

    The government have announced that no business rates will be payable on retail units until 5th April 2021. Given the condition of the economy and how the Government are actively seeking to encourage new businesses and support the High Street we believe there is a good chance that this will be extended to allow new business to get a foothold. We will have to watch this Space.

  7. Do I need to register with Breathing Spaces?

    If you want to receive all the latest news you need to register – otherwise you can just browse the properties. When you come to make an offer for a property we will ask you to register then, but this is done automatically.

  8. What will the tenant have to pay?

    The contract is based on internal repairs and decorations with the owner being responsible for external and structural repairs.

  9. Rental payments?

    In some cases rents will be payable and aim to make these fair and affordable. The majority of rents will be based on fixed level payable per calendar month. In some cases we might suggest the use of a turnover rent which would be agreed between the landlord and tenant. In our experience these rents are the future for retail lettings as they offer a level playing field, transparency and where the interests of landlords and tenants are aligned.

  10. What are turnover rents?

    In some instances we may suggest a turnover rent. This method will apply to properties where the landlord is looking for a rent but where agreeing a fixed sum is difficult. The turnover rent is based on an agreed percentage of the tenants turnover from that particular property. The agreed percentage is normally fixed and we would envisage a range of 5%-10% of turnover. The turnover will include the sales made at the property, online orders placed in store and click and collect orders placed remotely but collected in store. These agreements promote collaboration between the landlord and tenant and their interests are aligned. In our opinion they are fair, transparent and get the landlords and tenants working with each other.

  11. How do I secure the space?

    Take a look at our How it Works in 4 Steps. But basically choose your property, view the property details, make an offer before the offer date and we will then contact you to confirm your offer and send you the contract. If agreed then that is it - we then meet at the property for the Key Hand Over Day.

  12. Do I have to inspect the property?

    Breathing Spaces is aiming to bring local people into local shop spaces so we hope you already know the area, but if you don’t live locally do take a look around. As for internal inspections, no you don’t have to. We offer a full package of photograph’s and information which allows you to view online plus we also offer Same Day Key Return Guarantee.

  13. What is the Key Hand Over Day?

    This is the day we meet you at the property to hand you the keys for you to start your occupation and start trading.

  14. What is the Same Day Key Return Guarantee?

    If on the Key Hand Over Day there is a problem with the property or it does not appear as shown in the photographs or description you can hand the property back to us under the Same Day Key Return Guarantee. Your offer and agreement will be withdrawn and you can walk away from the property and the lease there and then.

  15. What is the standard lease agreement?

    It is a standardised letting agreement which we have had prepared, which provides a fair agreement between the landlord and the tenant. It sets out the length of the term and other obligations – we have a separate section on this which summarises it further. Click here to read it.

  16. What is the photographic schedule of condition?

    This is a series of photographs which are attached to the lease agreement. The photographs show the condition of the property when the tenant takes the property from the landlord. The property should be handed back in the same or improved condition.

  17. Do I need a solicitor?

    Our standard lease agreement has been prepared to be equally fair to both the tenant and the landlord and the terms are in our opinion straightforward and understandable. If however there is something you don’t understand or you are unsure about something it is always a good idea to take some advice and we can recommend an independent solicitor.

  18. Do I already need to run or own a business?

    No, our landlords are just looking for responsible tenants – if you already run a company great, but our landlords are just as happy to let the properties to individuals or even groups of individuals.

  19. Do I need any retailing experience?

    No, our landlords are just looking for responsible tenants – if you already run a company great, but our landlords are just as happy to let the properties to individuals or even groups of individuals.

  20. What will help my application?

    The application form is really simple. Just fill it in honestly and if you have any experience write this down, if you have a referee put their name in and let us know what use you will be using the premises for.

  21. What happens if my application is successful?

    We will contact you within 24 hours of the submission date and confirm the lease details and arrange the key hand over day.

  22. What happens when I take my property?

    We will meet you at the property, and hand over the keys and show you round. This is a chance for you to check the property and if all is in order we will sign over the keys and the property is yours to start trading from.

  23. What happens if I’m in and trading but the landlord would like the property back
    before the lease term expires?

    In the unlikely event the landlord requires their property back early we would refer both parties to the agreement and the length of the term and where the tenant has the right to stay in occupation until this time. Of course you could agree to leave early, but this would under the terms of the agreement be up to the tenant to decide.

    The only way the landlord could remove a tenant is if the tenant was found to be acting unlawfully in the premises or using it for purposes against the agreed terms. Both parties are therefore protected.

  24. What if I want to leave the property early?

    In the first instance we would look at the term length within the agreement and the simple answer is that the tenant should remain in occupation for the remainder of the term. We will, however, try to work out something which works for both parties.

  25. What day does the term start from?

    The start date will be stated on the property particulars.

  26. When do I have to leave the property?

    The leaving date will be stated on the lease agreement.

  27. How do I get my deposit back?

    Once the keys have been returned, the utility readings have been checked and the condition of the building has been verified the deposit will be returned. If there is a shortfall in respect of the utility bill payments and or the building has fallen into disrepair some monies may be deducted from the deposit to cover this.

  28. What if I have a problem?

    As soon as you have a problem let us know. The sooner something is highlighted the sooner at Breathing Spaces we can help and put it right.

  29. What if my application is not successful?

    This may happen and all we can say is keep looking. We will also keep you on our records and let you know if something similar comes up.

  30. Any other questions - let us know by clicking here.

    Our final thoughts – we think we have covered all the property risks for both the tenant and the landlord
    by making the agreements fair for both parties, no jargon or hidden catches costs or fees.

    Just letting space fairly with minimal risk.