About Us

Our overall aim at Breathing Spaces is to create activity on our High Streets by getting vacant retail space back in to use by letting them to new tenants on flexible and affordable terms.

Giving landlords some Breathing Space to look at the longer term purpose and strategy for the property.

We want to simplify the letting process by making it quicker, honest and fairer for all parties. No jargon or complicated terms.

From Zero

Our aim is to offer all of our properties at zero and affordable rents.

Zero Business

No business rates for qualifying retailers until the 5th April 2021.

With Zero

Fair, open and honest letting agreements.


The Same Day Key Return Guarantee

The Same Day Key Return Guarantee allows you the new tenant on the first day of occupation to check the property and if it does not reflect our details you can cancel the contract and walk away risk free.

Some of our Principles & Ideas

We maybe repeating ourselves here, but we think they are important:

  • To create honest and fair agreements between
    the owners and tenants
  • To reduce a landlords running costs and create some Breathing Space to assess the longer term purpose and strategy for the property
  • To rejuvenate town centres
  • To provide opportunities to new businesses
    or individuals to start something new
  • Letting vacant retail space as quickly and
    efficiently as possible
  • The chance to create a new business
    and lifestyle
  • Simply letting shops to people like you
  • Offering flexible and affordable space on
    1 + month letting terms
  • Putting like minded landlords and tenants together
    to form relationships that are built on fairness,
    trust and opportunity.
  • No jargon, or complicated terms
  • A new high street environment – one of social responsibility and community
  • To provide transparency and a level playing
    field for potential tenants
  • No barriers to prevent individuals applying
    and no red tape
  • Responsible occupation

Who are the Properties For?

Simply, they are for individuals or a new or existing business who want to occupy retail space